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Lodge is aiming for natural growth through doing regular small-scale hard-difficulty content, such as DLC dungeons, Imperial Sewers/City questing/farming, Dragonstar arena, achievement runs etc, with long term goal of reaching viable vTrial Core. Need players of all levels and experience, of positive contributive attitude with motivation to learn and train.

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    Dec 16, 2017 07:00 PM     08:00 PM

    Last week we were bear racing in Lornar's pass, but this week it gets even freakier and harder! We will race in Southsun Cove as little crabs! Race is full of traps and annoying mobs, mainly karka. Ewww. They look like facehuggers from Alien movies!
    Anyway! I imagine new players might not have this map yet "unlocked", since it's really not that popular and nothing actually leads you there. So, it might be a good idea to do that before missions starts. It's easy, go to the Lion's Arch where other gates that lead you to all major cities are located and find the one that says "Southsun cove". Easy, right?
    Well, once you get to Southsun, be careful! Mobs there are not so easy and they just happen to hate all these major races like Charr, Asura, Sylvari, Norn and.... and.... I think I forgot one. Eh doesn't matter. They like to eat them all equally.
    Anyway! You want to unlock the waypoint I marked on the screenshot below. That is the closest one to the race. And then prepare to cry! 
    After guild race, we can try a hard puzzle, if we have enough people. Recommended is 15 people, so that might not be possible, but who knows!
    Hope to see you there! 

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    Nov 30, 2017 11:00 PM     11:00 AM

    Be the first to complete a challenge and make your own!
    If you are the first to complete a challenge, provide necessary proof (video, screenshot...) and then provide a new challenge. Challenges should be hard and not easily achievable, but still fair enough, so that a single player can complete them in a reasonable time (up to approximately one week).
    Sometimes, a special challenge will be available, which will be issued by myself and will provide a reward upon completion. This special challenge might appear anytime, even when normal challenge is already in process. Special challenge will have no time limit.
    Please, make sure all challenges you submit can be completed by a single player! Furthermore, all challenges must be completed by a single player! No help is allowed, not by guildmate and not by random player! For my own challenges, I will test them myself, before submitting them here.
    Free recording software: OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), Nvidia Shadowplay, Razer Cortex
    Paid recording software: Action!, Bandicam, Fraps
    To start it off, I'll provide first challenge (easy one for a start):
    In game, find a player that has following letters in their name: A, E, O, R. The order doesn't matter and the length of their names doesn't matter. The only thing that matters, they need to have those letters somewhere in their name (their guild name doesn't count).
    Proof required: Screenshot
    Have fun! 

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